Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Remove Age Spots On A Budget

Remove age spots on a budget: Is it expensive to remove age spots?

The truth: It doesn’t have to be.

There are many methods out there to remove age spots and dermatologists and spas would love for you to believe that you have to come to them and spend $100′s of dollars doing it, but you can honestly get great results just using over the counter creams you find in your drugstore.

Need a couple reasons as to why you should worry about removing age spots anyway…

1. People mistake Age Spots as being unhealthy. Reason being is that they are sometimes called liver spots. So many people associate them with health issues.

2. Youthful skin is usually smooth, soft, has radiance and is very even. Being able to play connect the age spot is a sure sign of age.

3. My grandmother has them.

4. When you look great you feel great and there is nothing better than walking around confident within your own skin.

Okay, so now that that’s out of the way. How do you remove age spots when you are on a budget?

1. Home remedies: Castor oil and facials that are home made are two great ways to improve the look of age spots.

2. Find a drugstore brand that fits your budget that has one or two of these ingredients: Hydroquinone, Hexylresocinol or glycolic acid.

3. Prevent more from appearing by using an SPF. Most SPF’s can be purchased at a drugstore for around $8.

4. Cover your skin completely when in the sun for long periods of time to prevent further sun damage.

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