Friday, June 6, 2008

Forever Young with Anti Aging Skin Care Products

by Geoff Hopkins

In an era where 50 is the new 40, and 40 is the new 30, many women attribute their youthful beauty to finding the most effective Anti Aging Skin Care Products. Gone are the days when a woman only used soap and water for her complexion.

Now, women begin using anti-aging products as early as their teenage years. With the publicized effects of the sun, smoking, diet, air pollution and harsh chemicals in the water, a protective daily moisturizer featuring an SPF (sun protection factor) agent is imperative for every woman.

One key element of many women’s skincare routine is a protective daily moisturizer. Considering the harsh effect of pollution, chemical exposure, the sun, and other elements we are exposed to daily, a quality moisturizer with an SPF (sun protection factor) agent is of utmost importance.

The fundamentals of skin physiology remain the same at any age, however several things do change over time, including the rate of metabolism, how quickly cells turnover, levels of key hormones and how rapidly your skin can slough off damaged cells.

A good product will moisturize, tone, and chemically exfoliate a woman’s skin. It should also work to minimize swelling and inflammation. Keep these qualities in mind when selecting a product to use.

Keep in mind, too, that the same Anti Aging Skin Care Products can work very differently for individuals. Everyone’s oil glands produce varying amounts of lubrication and react uniquely to the same elements. It is always a good idea to apply a new wrinkle cream to a small test area on the back of your hand or inner arm to ensure your skin doesn’t experience any irritation or a rash.

Remember, too, that how you apply the produce makes a difference. Because the best wrinkle cream contains a mix of both active (those that actively improve your complexion) and inactive ingredients (those that help deliver or stabilize the active elements), the success of the product is dependent upon the ingredients’ effectiveness and whether they can penetrate your skin cells.

Be sure to cleanse your face before applying the cream and refrain from using hot water. Apply the cream to slightly moist skin that is warm to the touch. Lastly, use short, firm strokes and don’t rub or stretch your skin. Following these guidelines will ensure that your Anti Aging Skin Care Products will keep you looking young and vibrant for years to come.

About the Author:

Geoff Hopkins has worked in the anti wrinkle cream industry for years. He maintains websites about lifecell skin care and wrinkle treatments.

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