Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Take it easy: Experts


Tanning isn't terrible but, like everything in life, laying out in the sun should be done in moderation.

So says Dr. Jason Rivers, one of four dermatologists out yesterday at Kits Beach Park, offering free checks for skin cancer to hundreds of sun-hungry residents.

"A tan indicates that your skin has been damaged somewhat and has responded to the damage by putting up protective melanin," he said.

Rivers recommends a common sense approach when protecting against the sun's harmful rays.

Runners should always wear a T-shirt and hat, tanners should limit time in the sun to early and late in the day and always apply and reapply the proper amount of sunscreen.

"In general people only use about a quarter to half the amount of sunscreen that they should to get protection from a specific SPF rating," he said.

"People are under the misconception that if they put a little dab on they'll be fine. That's not the truth."

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