Friday, June 6, 2008

Laser Hair Reduction

By The Bliss Medical Spa

Permanent hair reduction involves heating the root of the hair by using a laser. By coagulating the root of the hair, we can ensure that it will not grow back.

Hair grows in cycles so multiple treatments will be necessary. The Duration of the cycle (i.e. interval between treatments) will vary, but typically 4 weeks for the face, 6 weeks for the rest of the body and 8 weeks for the legs. Of course patients may elect to get treated more frequently, but this will result in more treatments.

There is no typical number of treatments as each patient responds differently. The only thing we can commit to is that there will be less hair with each treatment and that the hair growing back will not only be sparser, but finer as well. Typically, an initial series of 4 treatments will yield good results, although more treatments may well be required. After this initial course of treatments, we will evaluate how many more treatments may be required if any.

Darker skin patients may need more treatments as we must exercise caution when treating darker skin types because of the competition between melanin in the skin vs. melanin in the hair follicle.

Since with each treatment, the remaining hair grows sparser and finer, we will never be able to remove 100% of the hairs. What we can do is ensure that whatever hair is left is very fine and very light in color. The patient needs to determine when the cost of additional procedure outweighs the end-results, but needs to be in formed that the less hair there is left (and the finer and lighter it is), the more difficult it will be to further reduce. Most patients achieve desired results with 5 to 6 procedures (more with darker skinned patients.)

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