Friday, June 6, 2008

Why You Need To Install A Drinking Water Filter System

By Alan Allport

Bottled water and gallons of filtered water are readily available at the local store or supermarket but installing a drinking water filter system in the home or office can provide countless benefits.

Contaminants in regular tap water, and even excess chemicals in some brands of bottled water can prevent the water source from being completely pure and healthy. Pure water is essential for fresh skin and a healthy body, and can reduce the risk of a number of skin and health disorders associated with poor drinking water quality.

One of the other major benefits of a drinking water filter system is the fact that it removes contaminants from the water pipes and water dispensers in your home. An often-overlooked fact is that you use your homes tap water for cooking as well so you're ingesting it in other ways than just drinking it.

One of the easiest ways that you can experience the health benefits of a drinking water filter system is by obtaining one of the models that fits to an individual water appliance such as a faucet.

Some of the common pollutants in drinking water are chlorine, fluoride, microbes and inorganic contaminants like chromium, copper and mercury. There are various different effects that these pollutants have on the body and the immune system. Parasites from lakes that can also be present in unfiltered water along with other bacteria can lead to various infections and viruses. The chlorine commonly found in tap water that hasn't been filtered can also increase the risk of cancer and other diseases and general illness.

There are various types of drinking water filter systems on the market ranging from ceramic, reverse osmosis systems, ultraviolet filters, infra red, ionizing and magnetic water filter systems.

If you work in an office you are probably familiar with the water distilling systems most of them have. These are not bad sources of purified water. Drinking good quality spring water regularly can have positive benefits for the immune system.

In hospitals and clinics you will often find a source of alkalized water. This is a fairly recent technology designed to provide water that is low in acidity which is known to have positive repercussions for health.

You really shouldn't underestimate the profound health benefits that you and your family will gain from the installation of a drinking water filter system.

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