Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Melaninism and Target Culture

A superb article by Lee Barnes reproduced here in full on the basis of my 'fair use' policy.

The original can be viewed here.

"The recent news that several police forces across the country are going to abandon the idiotic Home Office driven ‘targets’ schemes for police forces where a conviction for littering is placed on an equal footing with a conviction for murder, is welcome news. It is just a start though.

The whole idiotic project for police targets has been nothing more than an attempt to politicise the police and deceive the public with the nonsense of government statistics. Statistical analysis under New Labour has become the new art of political sophistry. With its statistical lies the New Labour government has managed to fool the public with a succession of ‘big lies’ for a decade. First amongst these ‘big lies’ is the myth that ethnic minorities are the majority victims of racial crime in British society, when the reality is that White victims of crime are the primary victims of racial crime and that ethnic minorities are the primary perpetrators of racism and racial violence in British society.

Statistics, or lies as they used to be called before New Labour got into power, have been the entire basis of the myth that is modern British society. Targets are simply the mechanism whereby statistics are generated. The Target defines the answer to the statistical analysis. For example, if the police are told to target racial crime and define every crime against an ethnic minority as a ‘racial crime’, but at the same time the police are not required to classify every crime against a white person as a racial crime, then the statistics will prove that racial crime is rising. The statistics are nonsense, but the ability of the public to understand this is limited to those that understand statistical analysis and how it can be manipulated for political reasons.

Targets imposed upon the police in order to raise ‘Arrest and Conviction Rates’ have led to such ludicrous arrests as ;

A man from Cheshire who was cautioned for being “found in possession of an egg with intent to throw”

A child in Kent who was arrested after removing a slice of cucumber from a sandwich and throwing it at another youngster

A West Midlands woman arrested on her wedding day for criminal damage after her foot slipped on her accelerator pedal and her vehicle damaged a car park barrier

Two children from Manchester who were arrested for being in possession of a plastic toy pistol

A 70-year-old Cheshire pensioner who was arrested for criminal damage after cutting back a neighbour’s conifer trees

The fact that the police are refusing to carry on with this idiotic and corrupt system of ‘targets’ is good news for law abiding British citizens and bad news for the criminals.

Now the next system of idiotic ‘targets’ that needs to be scrapped are the pathetic ‘race targets’ such as those imposed on the police by the repulsive reptile Jack Straw -


These ‘race targets’ are simply a joke. They are based on the idea that the reason why ethnic minorities are not better represented in institutions is due to the farcical presence of ‘Institutional Racism’. The concept of institutional racism was invented by the black racist Stokely Carmichael, and its use in the McPherson Report was nothing more than an attempt by the Far Left to corrupt the entire British state and institutions through the moral terror mechanism of ‘fighting racism’.


Anyone that dared deny that racism was the reason why ethnic minorities were not joining the police or the fire service or the army was called a ‘racist’. Any institution that refused to accept the McPherson Report findings that ‘racism’ was the reason that ethnic minorities were not joining those institutions were called ‘Institutionally Racist. This whole ‘anti-racist’ hysteria became nothing more than a modern day witch hunt. The phantoms of institutional racism were seen as the cause of everything from individual criminality to the failure of the Fire Service to employ Rastafarian dope-smoking firefighters. The fact that dope-smoking Rastafarians were not interested in joining the Fire Brigade was irrelevant, as it was racism that was always to blame for their reluctance to put down their bongs and pick up a fire axe.

This monolithic structure of monumental stupidity inspired by the McPherson Report still afflicts the entire country today. We have politically correct fire chiefs who ban white male applicants from open days in order to assist their delusional plans to recruit Bura-clad Muslim female firefighters, we have institutions like the National Trust rejecting applications for jobs from white British applicants in the hope that they will get applications from Albanian asylum seekers with a degree in Anglo-Saxon history and we have ethnic minority police chiefs being promoted into the senior ranks of the police whilst not being required to pass the required officer exams simply because they have more melanin than other better qualified applicants for the job who have passed the entrance exams.

This whole process of race targets is not just racist against whites, it is destroying the very basis of the institutions we all depend upon. In a meritocratic society the best qualified person should get the job. The Race Relations Acts prohibits direct and indirect racial discrimination and an army of race relations Gestapo officers infest the country searching for any hint of racism anywhere in society, and yet the same race relations industry supports ‘positive discrimination and affirmative action’ which is merely anti-white racism donning a moral mantle.

The more our nation recruits idiots on the basis that their skin contains more melanin than other applicants, the faster our society will collapse. A nation that promotes and employs people in jobs that they are not qualified for, and that places people in positions of authority they are not suitable for, then the faster our society will collapse as a result. Once we had a class-based society where your class defined the job you got, now we have a race-based society where a white skin makes you a third class citizen.

Targets are the products of idiots and are designed to reward idiots. They create an Idiocracy, where better qualified ‘melanin light applicants’ are at the bottom of the social pyramid and the under-qualified ‘melanin heavy applicants’ are at the top. Any society that uses ‘melaninism’ as the basis of its employment and recruitment policy ends up destroying itself.

Target Culture, Institutional Racism and Melaninism are symptoms of a society in decay. The sooner the entire Target Culture, Instutional Racism and Melaninism are consigned to the bonfires of history alongside their fellow Marxist spawn of Political Correctness and Multiculturalism the better."

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